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Dr. Medsker is a master of ergonomics and work place fitness! He can analyze your stations for a proper fit of endurance to help avoid micro-injury and teach your staff the postures, stretches and exercises to “sit/stand/lift-and-be-fit” to obtain the best performance of your workers. His power point lecture has taught many operating room nurses to reduce stress on the human frame in seminars across the state.

He has a learning curve of success and failures in his work history starting with his first job at 12 years old driving trucks and tractors and bucking bales of hay on a dairy farm to becoming the “Chiropractor to the Stars” working with over 600 famous musicians!


His latest adventure is with StretchLAB where he is certified as a Lead Flexologist opening and training the staff for 3 studios in Issaquah, Mercer Island and Sammamish. With this option, this service is available to you and your staff complimentary. We can bring a couple of tables to your business and spoil your employees providing a wonderful experience of rejuvenation.

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