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Dr. Staten C Medsker, Jr. was not raised in any secular belief but was taught by his mother Bonnie how to care for the homeless when they themselves could barely afford food. By genealogy, he is the 4th great grandson of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow and was ordained a Priest in his late teens. He served a mission for a year and a half in the bayous of Louisiana during hurricane Alicia in 1983. He has a phenomenal testimony of spiritual truths through tangible experiences from hearing the voice of God at age 14 that saved his life from riding his motorcycle off a 125 foot cliff, his personal journey investigating many religions and his incredible healing story of saving the life of a pregnant woman in the mountains with a single humble prayer.

Dr. Medsker speaks strongly against the infiltration of sin, thievery in business and addiction in our society drawing on personal examples that taught him mostly how to forgive 70 x 7 and love one another and see others as God sees them. I personally guarantee your congregation will be touched and enlightened by the Spirit when they receive these messages of hope and inspiration that God’s miracles are alive and currently among us! Dr. Medsker speaks to ALL congregations equally, regardless of denomination. We are all God’s children and are served an equal dish of salvation.

Dr. Medsker frequently provides time and services to the homeless and has a special place in his heart for those suffering from addiction as he himself fought a 20 year goliath.

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