Dr. Medsker is able to connect with practitioners from Eastern to Western equally without prejudice and has embarked on a project to allow both philosophies to work together on a single effort. In 2017 he spearheaded the Adjustment-Manipulation Census. A world wide effort joining all practitioners who utilize joint manipulation to count a single days treatment and calculate the total number of people that get adjusted in one day for the most accurate count to date. This data would have been extremely useful in determining the effectiveness of the use of the therapy per capita, however, due to the lack of approval and participation from the government agencies who wanted to be paid for their involvement, this event was a failure. That did not stop Dr. Medsker from rallying and connecting a common bond between all doctors and therapist. His associations lead him to teach continuing education seminars for the Operating Room Nurses Association. Together he has worked side by side with Physical Therapist/Trainers being on the medical staff for the Salt Lake Real pro Soccer Team for 4 years. He has trained many Osteopaths in joint manipulation techniques and continues to do all he can to bridge the gap between the two professions and heal past conflicts.

Becoming a Medical doctor was Dr. Medsker’s first choice. In Houston, he worked in the hospital setting from admissions, to running nurses stations to doctor’s assistant for 3 years while enrolled in pre-med in school. With eyes on Baylor Medical school he withdrew because he couldn’t find his specialty desires in the hospital setting. Working for a Chiropractor changed his focused and he enrolled instead at Life Chiropractic College West in San Francisco. He attended 2 more years in post graduate studies in the CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) program. He hungered for a variety of techniques and studied Hatha Yoga, Alexander, Rolfing and attended the courses of CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and RNT (Rebok Neuromuscular Training) in personal training exercise. From 1995-1998 he worked closely with Renton Vo-Tech Massage School. His clinic was used for students to obtain their hours necessary for graduation under Dr. Medsker’s supervision. He was also an assistant guest lecturer at the school and was awarded an honorary Massage Practitioner Certificate.

After decades of practicing as “Rockndoc – Chiropractor to the Stars,” he became frustrated working with so many musicians that he would fix their imbalances only to be destroyed when they went back out on tour. He figured there has to be something that they could do on the tour buses and in their hotel rooms that would keep them progressing forward in postural correction. Therefore, he created an exercise called the “S.E.T. Program.” (Stretch, Exercise & Traction). To his astonishment it worked! Musicians were coming back into the clinic after their tours and looking the same or better than before they left. Dr. Medsker has found the cure to the 3 biggest structural problems facing our society today in epidemic proportions: UCS (Upper Cross Syndrome) also know as AWB (Anterior Weight Bearing) or forward head posture combined with rolled shoulders caused from decades of looking down at books in school and especially accelerated with the onslaught of the computer and iPhone age. Somebody should sue Apple for the neglect and health damage they have caused our society for not teaching us how to use their products appropriately with proper postures. The second biggest problem I found in my clinic on 98% of patients was a decreased SBA (Sacral Base Angle). This Posterior “Pelvic Tilt”  is caused from sitting in schools for 12-16 years shrinking both hamstrings and is a major cause of low back pain. Get a desk job after college and the problem is re-enforced. The third epidemic is a Functional Short Leg Syndrome caused from 3,000 falls for the average teenager. This creates a rotation in the pelvis and causes an imbalance in the muscle groups of the legs. Walking on a functional short leg for decades is the number one cause of hip and knee replacements in our society.

Dr. Medsker’s new book “How to Adjust Yourself and Avoid Seeing a Chiropractor” address these 3 issues and teaches and empowers the reader how to work with their own bodies at home and correct these imbalances. Following these simple exercises, the S.E.T. Program can correct an average of 5mm a month of UCS, approximately 5 degrees a month on SBA and around 2-4mm a month on the average Short Leg Syndrome. Success and healing achieved and all at a significantly lowered health care cost saving billions in health cost per year! Poor Structure = Poor Health. It’s a simple “braces on teeth” protocol and can be taught from physicians to layman’s in a 1 hour seminar.

Currently Dr. Medsker is working as a Certified Lead Flexologist with StretchLAB to train its employees to address and correct these 3 epidemics in our societies and can be reached at 3 different locations on the Eastside of Seattle: Mercer Island, Issaquah and coming soon Sammamish.



Bring in Dr. Medsker to your next health seminar and let his expertise in structural therapy train you as experts to deliver this medical breakthrough to the masses!

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