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Rockndoc’s first appearance on TV was a surprise shot while attending a Journey concert in Seattle,WA in 1980. The band announced they were filming the show for an MTV music video. A few months later a classmate in High School spotted Staten in the video in the audience with a camera zoom from the stage. It wasn’t until after Dr. Medsker graduated from Chiropractic school and returned to Seattle where he joined Dr. Michael Failla at Evergreen Chiropractic Center on Capital Hill where they embarked on a marketing campaign. They purchased a packaged deal that landed Dr. Medsker on the afternoon show Town Meeting with host Ken Schram on KOMO 4 as a guest panelist in 1993-94. Dr. Medsker wrote, directed, acted and engineered with that station several of his own TV commercials as well.

In 2002 after a musical performance with his band at the Utah Winter Olympics, a promotor approached Rockndoc after the show and asked if he’d be interested in auditioning for a new TV show. Excited to get back on TV he agreed and got the part and hosted ClubTV that was said to air after SNL (Saturday Night Live) for about 6mths. Interviews were with band like Scorpions, Ronnie James Dio, Great White, Deep Purple, Jerico Road, Royal Bliss, Seed, etc. Although he never watched the show, he retains copies of the episodes.

In 2012 in Tennessee, after years of prep, Dr. Medsker gathered together a panelist of 5 multi-disciplined doctors and began filming his own funded reality TV show called “The Experts” that heal patients naturally without medicine and documented the success and failure through the patient’s eyes. The sizzle disc was completed and he was in negotiations with Discovery Health channel when his father had a stroke in Seattle. He put the project on hold and relocated to Seattle to attend to his fathers health needs in 2013. With more focus on music over the last decade he has only appeared on KIRO 7 a couple of times for news stories.

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